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Hygiene is more important than ever and clients know it.

Make sure you can deliver the standards they expect with this Bluebook which includes need-to-know guidance and introduction to our touchless range.


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We along with Armitage Shanks are making it easier than ever to specify for your project. Our specification service builds the right product solutions around your requirements and our team of experts teamed up with Armitage Shanks can work with you to plan, order and fit out making for smooth and simplified project delivery.

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Creating Cleaner Commercial Spaces

A return to “normality” still seems a little way off, but the beginning of a new year and the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine has undeniably focused attentions on a post-pandemic world. One thing is for certain, the renewed focus on hygiene across all areas of design and construction is a key focus as we understand what that world looks like.

This is a key reason why we’ve created this resource for contractors and our new mini-Bluebook on hygiene, to help you support your customers’ needs when it comes to giving them innovative products that boost cleanliness across their premises. So, let’s look at a few key product options that will help prevent the spread of bacteria across washrooms.


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