At Fayers we have the knowledge and experience to provide the best possible service and products to all sectors of the property market, whether it be residential developments, hospitality, hotels, commercial offices, leisure, sports complexes, on-going repair and maintenance, universities, schools, health and specialist care.


Developers, architects and interior designers understand the significance and influence the bathroom has on people’s decision making when they are looking to buy or rent their new home.  Fayers can provide all stakeholders with the best professional advice and support with the design and product selection ensuring that project aspirations are achieved, delivered on time and within budget.


The hospitality industry is renowned for providing guests with some of the best and most beautiful bathrooms available.  Guests want to enjoy their hard-earned holiday stay, work trip or a weekend get-away, and the bathroom and hotel washroom facilities play a major part of the guests’ overall experience.

Hotel owners and operators need bathrooms that are both impressive and functional whilst achieving an economical solution in terms of utility usage and are easy to clean and maintain.  At Fayers we understand all of these critical factors and have great experience in providing the best advice to hotel owners and developers of the bathroom products that will work best for their hotel or serviced apartment.

Commercial Offices

Commercial office landlords have to ensure that they provide washroom facilities that meet the ever increasing demands of their tenants.  Landlords need to ensure that they retain their existing tenants and attract new potential tenants to lease their space.

Washroom facilities need to meet the latest regulations, be safe to use, durable for the long term, easy to clean and maintain, efficient in terms of water, power and consumable usage, and meet tenant usage demands.  Our experienced team at Fayers is looks forward to advising you on your next office development or refurbishment of the existing facilities.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

The bathroom and washroom requirements of the education sector are very different from that of the commercial world of offices and hotels. For example, the product sizing required for different age groups throughout the education process or the health and safety considerations.

Throughout the year there will be product demand spikes and troughs as repair and maintenance can often only be carried out during specific periods such as the term breaks or long weekends, however, there will always be the necessity of emergency repairs.

Fayers holds a wide and deep product range and quantity to ensure that the repair, maintenance and replacement demands of educational institutions can be met quickly and urgently when required.

Local Authorities

Fayers has a strong and deep working history of supplying local authorities with products for the on-going maintenance and renovation of existing properties.

Our team has the required knowledge and expertise to engage with either the local authority or their appointed sub-contractors.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions form their own specific category when it comes to their sanitary ware, plumbing and heating requirements.

The requirements and needs of the bathroom and washroom facilities within hospitals has a very different demand compared to other commercial sectors such as hospitality and offices.

Critical issues such as functional usage, hygiene control and durability whether it is for the doctors and nurses or for the patients’ different needs are all clearly understood at Fayers.

Leisure and Sports Facilities

Leisure and sporting facilities introduce a very different and interesting dynamic in that there can be huge and sudden demand on the washroom and plumbing facilities.

This has a significant influence on the design and product selection when considering the solution to support such facilities.

Special Care

Special Care provision is an increasingly critical requirement for all new  and refurbishment projects. Whether the development is for residential, healthcare, commercial, leisure or educational, Care Facility requirements are an essential consideration. It is vital that the elderly and disabled are provided with the ease of access and use of an ever-increasing range of  washroom facilities that are specifically designed to facilitate their needs.

Manufacturers continue to research and develop new ways to expand the boundaries of design and innovation to create new products that whilst practical and stylish still meet the rules and legislation governing accessible washrooms. At Fayers, our staff have the experience and knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible advice to allow a considered decision to be reached on the best solution for their individual projects